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 to print a large picture with a desktop printer (Windows XP)

Pic-Mosaic is a software devoted to print large pictures with a small desktop printer. The principle consists to divide the original picture in a mosaic of pictures, the size of each of them according with the format of the printer. The original picture can be divided in a mosaic composed by 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 elementary pictures. The printed picture, reconstructed from the mosaic, has a size respectively equal to 420x297 mm (A3), 594x420 mm (A2 ), 840x594 mm (A1), 1188x840 mm (A0), 1680x1188 mm (2xA0) if a A4 printer is used. If a A0 printer is connected to the computer, the maximum size is 6720x4752 mm. Pic-Mosaic uses commonly .jpg, .bmp, .gif image files.

The ergonomy for the user is very simplified. Only 3 operations are needed to obtain a result :
-1- Open an image file from the computer memory, the picture appears on the visualization screen
-2- Select in a list the number of paper sheets that will compose the mosaic
-3- Click on the Print button to start the printer.

This is all...

Some options are available :
You can select the quality of the printing process (Draft, Normal, High Quality)
You can select the size of the printer connected to the computer (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0)
The printing of alignment landmarks for mosaic assemblage can be selected or unselected

Pic-Mosaic can be ordered to :
Richard FERRIERE Aerosoftware
25030 Besancon (France)
The price (post fees included) of the CD-Rom is 20€ for european countries and 25€ for overseas countries

Example of assemblage technique of 4 pictures mosaic

It needs 3 common tools :  a steel ruler, an adhesive tape, a cutter
with a sharp blade.

Cut  margins of each printed paper sheet by using the blue landmarks (printed on the edges) to align the ruler

Dispose the pictures upside down and adjust two pictures together. Maintain the position with  small  pieces of adhesive tape. Repeat the same operation with the two other pictures. Adjust the two groups of two pictures.

Dispose an adhesive tape along the joints between each pair of sheets. If the cutting operation is precisely realized, the slots don't appear
Easy, isn't it !