A software to design models of planes and sailplanes
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WINGS 2.11 is a CAD software (written in french) applied to the design of models of planes and sailplanes, developed to work on PC with Windows  XP,7. Its field of application relates to the development of a project of sailplane or plane. The objective is to help the designer to simplify his study by carrying out for him a certain number of tasks tiresome or delicate, related especially to the complex geometry of the structure of the wings and fuselage. Moreover it permits the evaluation of the behavior and the performances of the projected plane.

WINGS 2.11 is composed by 18 softwares organised around 4 groups PROFIL, AILE,FUSELAGE, ACCESSOIRESto which is added a library of data deals with 1220 profiles of wing and 107 polar of wing sections .

The various files calculated with this software and corresponding to the profiles, ribs, frameworks, fuselage sections, can be recorded in DXF format then to be imported in a vectorial software like AutoSketch, AutoCad, VeCAD... The printing of the various drawings can be carried out on a printer (A4 sheet-by-sheet or listing) and on plotter until the A0 format.
Donwload the drawings of ribs and sections of a fuselage in DXF format computed by Wings

WINGS 2.1 is delivered to its purchasers ( 115 Euros including post fees) in the form of a CD Rom and a user guide of 80 pages in the A4 format (in french) . The software (stored in compressed form) and the data files of the library of profiles are recorded on the same CD Rom. The use of the software is described in different papers published in french magazines for modelers

A documentation on the specifications of WINGS 2.11 (in french) can be downloaded in pdf format and read with the free software Acrobat Reader


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The PROFIL group is devoted to calculate, draw, print out, import and modify the wing sections. 6 calculators make it possible to obtain the co-ordinates and to trace the wing sections from the series 16, 16 modified, 4, 4 modified, 5 and 6. A software is available to carry out the importation of the profiles stored in the library of data, to draw them on the screen and to print them with required dimensions. A specific editor permits to introduce the co-ordinates of a profile which would not exist in the library

For example, with the calculator NACA series 4 (represented on the example above), it is enough to calculate and visualize wing section 4412 . The characteristic 4412 is introduced into the corresponding boxes : 4% for the value of the maximum camber, 40%/10=4 for the position along the chord of maximum camber and 12% for the relative thickness. 

The wing section calculated previously is thinned here from 12% to 8% whole while preserving the curve of the mean line. Its relative thickness can be also modified overall or one can calculate the profile of a rib inclined compared to the plan of the wing (break of dihedral or rib at root). 


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The WING group is devoted

Example of calculation of a trapezoidal wing whose profile evolves along the wingspan and who undergoes a negative twist angle. This configuration makes it possible to obtain, with a simple geometry, a wing with good aerodynamic properties presenting an quasi-elliptic distribution of pressure what limits the appearance of vortices generating induced drag, improves stability , increases the aileron efficiency at low speed and decreases the secondary effects. 
Insertion of structural elements in a profile of wing to carry out a rib. In the case represented here, one added to the drawing a coversheet, a principal spar and a secondary spar, an leading edge and an trailing edge 
The framework are negative traces of the ribs which can be used like elements of framework for assembly, gauges to cut styrofoam with the hot wire, or elements of structure to realize of a negative mould 


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The goupe FUSELAGE makes it possible to calculate:

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The ACCESSOIRES group contains utilities which allow: Papers about WINGS 2.0 published in french magazines for modelers
    • Wings 2.0 pour concevoir vos modèles - Modèle Magazine - (Editions Larrivière)n°556, janvier 1998, pp 71-74
    • M.A.O c'est dingue... Part I - Maquettes Volantes Magazine - (MVM éditions ELT) n°27 mai-juin 1998 pp 52-57
    • M.A.O c'est dingue... Part II - Maquettes Volantes Magazine - (MVM éditions ELT) n°28 juillet-août 1998 pp 60-63
    • Wings 2.0, une véritable C.A.O. (test) - RCM - by Laurent Buissyne (Editions ELT) n°228 avril 2000 pp 40-42
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